More solutions

We developed powerful tools that brought great value to our customers:

  • SVG localization. In-context translation of texts in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG’s). This tool suite enables the DTP department to pre-process SVGs and upload the translations to SDL Trados Studio. The tool imports the translations and generates the target SVG files. Thereby the DTP department has capabilities to do some minor tweaks.
  • CMS modular files. Translate a large set of small modular files from the Vasont Content Management System (CMS). The tool provides one large document, so that the translator has the full context. When ready, the tool generates the small translated modular files, to be imported in the CMS.
  • en-SW. Replace “en-SW” (English as written by software engineers) in .Net resx-files with correct English in .Net satellite assemblies. This guarantees that end-users will only see authored English terms when the system fails to lookup the correct translation.
  • TM cleanup. Tool to maintain and clean-up Translation Memories.