Screenshot automation

Generate the screenshots in all target languages with one mouse click.

We developed a screenshot automation solution for highly dynamic applications. We have an implementation for Microsoft Silverlight and can develop implementations for almost any dynamic platform. The challenges to take multilingual screenshots in a conventional way are:

  • Labour intensive. Start the application for each language, navigate and use a snapping tool to select the screenshot.
  • Who takes the screenshot? We need native speakers to do that. But do they have access to the application from outside the company?
  • Changes. What happens if engineers add new features and/or change the current screens. Then many screenshots need to be retaken. Which ones?

The solution that we developed has the following main features:

  • Navigate in the source language
  • Generate all target languages simultaneously
  • Scripting mechanism to record and playback scripts.

This solution has potential huge costs savings, because an English speaking person can generate the screenshots for all languages at the same time. Imagine that: a Western person can now generate screenshots for Asian languages and vice versa. No need to repeat the same steps again and again for each language by different people.

The images below show an example where the user defines an area (green rectangle) by selecting multiple elements in the visual tree. In this example, the user selects two buttons that enclose the area.

When the user presses the OK button, the tool generates all target screenshots (png-files) at ones. It does that by replacing all texts with the translations before a screenshot is made. Thereby, the user interface controls will be automatically resized. Consequently, the resulting images may have different dimensions and resolution per target language!