SDL Passolo customizations

SDL Passolo is a powerful software localization tool, where translators can translate texts in context. We master the API and can customize Passolo to your needs. You can download an introduction in software localization here.

We master Passolo. We tailor it to fit your needs. We can develop addins, write powerful macros and help to automate your build process.

We implement visual localization addins to localize your applications in context.

Our parsers enable to localize complex file formats in Passolo, such as our parser for Qt files and advanced parser for Excel files.  It happens often that engineers write all source strings and translations in one Excel file. This has a serious impact on the translation department, because they have to do a lot of copy and pasting. With our solution, we can directly parse the Excel files into Passolo. When the translations are ready, our addin writes the translations back to Excel. This robust addin saves a lot of time and errors.

We develop Passolo integrations with powerful third party tools, such as our Acrolinx addin.