Passolo addin for Qt®

We proudly present the advanced SDL Passolo parser for Qt®. It supports the TS file format and provides previews for UI files.

Preview for UI files
Numerus forms in Polish
Settings dialog Parser settings
Qt® is a registered trademark of Digia.

The manual contains an extensive description with examples.

This installer supports all versions and editions of SDL Passolo. Supported versions: 2011, 2015, 2016, 2018. Supported editions: translator, professional team and collaboration.

Passolo add-in for Qt® user manual.

The SDL Passolo parser for Qt® has the following main characteristics:

  1. uses unique string identifiers for a reliable update and alignment process.
  2. supports numerus forms for all languages.
  3. supports variants for translations.
  4. has preview capabilities for .ui files.

A standard XML parser, like the one that is delivered standard with SDL Passolo, cannot deal with TS files for the following reasons:

  1. Strings in TS files often do not have unique string identifiers. It is not possible to do a reliable alignment, because a different sorting order of strings in the translated file will result in misalignments.
  2. It is possible to define numerus forms in TS files, like for example singular, paucal and plural. The Passolo XML parser will not detect this and simply concatenate all forms to one string.
  3. The translator may provide variants for a translation. For example a short and long form. Qt will select the translation that fits best, based on the available control size.

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This solution is co-developed with CPA Software Engineering UG.

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