WYSIWYG in SDL Passolo

Visual software localization – WYSIWYG capabilities for a large range of applications
  • Medical imaging software. A manufacturer of medical imaging software provided a binary assembly that contained all string definitions and logic to create screenshots with translated strings. The addin generated translated target assemblies.
  • Legacy software for medical applications.

    • Case study 1: The strings were in text files (each text had a unique identifier) and the window definitions were available in an XML format. The Window definitions included the identifiers of texts that that control could display at run time. We developed an addin that could render the legacy dialogs and its strings. For this, we had to develop controls that had the same layout as in the legacy application, which is very challenging. To have a reliable length check, this should be pixel perfect.
    • Case study 2: this was similar like case study 1, but now the engineers provided an assembly with controls. This guaranteed that the rendering engine in Passolo used exactly the same logic as in the target application.
  • Internet security software. The approach was similar to the previous, but now the client provided an assembly that could render the dialogs. This saved us time to implement and guaranteed that the visualization in Passolo was perfectly the same as in the target application.
  • Embedded software for a portable insulin pump. The engineers had developed a simulator that ran on a Windows machine before the addin was developed. Together with the engineers we defined an extension to that simulator, so that Passolo could communicate real-time. Passolo was able to filter the strings that were visible on the simulator. Translations that were entered in Passolo became instantly visible on the simulator.
  • Dynamic web applications. We developed RIGI. This is a generic technology so that translators can translate dynamic web based applications (e.g. ASP.Net, JSP, etc) in context. The technology does not work with a proxy and engineers do not need to change their code.
  • Microsoft Silverlight. We extended the solution for dynamic web applications to support Microsoft Silverlight 4 and 5. The Silverlight application runs in the preview window of Passolo and translators can change translations on the fly. A translation becomes instantly visible in the Silverlight application, without the need to recompile it. Click here for more details.