We are experts in localization technology and processes.

Our clients develop their products in a dynamic and agile environment and need to ship their localized products on time, with good quality while keeping control of the costs. This is not trivial. It requires well-designed processes and structures where people can do their tasks in an efficient and reliable manner. We provide expert industry knowledge and come with tailored solutions.

We offer

Localization consultancy

We help companies to achieve

  • Shorter time-to (the local) markets.
  • Higher quality of translations.
  • Significant reduction of costs.

We have realized impressive ROIs for our customers.

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We implement value adding solutions

  • Internationalization testing
  • Process automation
  • Previews for translators.
  • Support language acceptance tests
  • Plugins to extend existing tools with new functionality.
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Our localization cloud platform

  • Web, app and embedded software
  • Visual context for translators
  • In-country review
  • Internationalization (i18n) testing
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Process optimization

Isolate the localization process from development

Eliminate steps from the process


Introduce new concepts

Provide the right information to each stakeholder to do his job independently


Automate as much as possible

We develop state-of-the-art