Our mission is that people can use products in their local language.

We provide our customers with expert know-how to optimize their processes in order to make their products available in any locale.

We are independent and have a deep understanding of product development and localization technology. Organizations consult us to analyze their current situation, identify the challenges and come with solutions.

Our clients are typically mid-size companies to large enterprises. We provide premium consulting services and solutions to streamline their processes.

Henk Boxma

Henk holds a master’s degree in technical computer science with a strong focus on electrical engineering and has a strong background in product development in various industries. His passion is software engineering in the domain of natural languages.

Henk founded Boxma IT in 2008. The initial focus was on software localization. His clients had challenges to provide context for translators. He implemented various solutions on top of existing infrastructure and tooling that was available at his clients. The solutions had a similar pattern and Henk started to develop a generic solution to localize dynamic software applications in context.

This resulted in the Rigi platform, designed for end-clients and highly customizable. It is intended to simplify the localization of dynamic software applications. It connects to the processes to develop documentation, such as instructions for use. The platform significantly reduces costs, shortens time-to-marked and improves quality.

The demand for this solution is increasing and the company is growing. We implement features based on customer experiences and feedback. A passionate and dedicated team of skilled developers is continuously extending its capabilities.

Henk is a passionate speaker and frequently presents about his experiences at conferences.